ChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max Romano

07/30/2022 Convo
ChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max Romano
ChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max RomanoChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max RomanoChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max Romano
ChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max Romano

We find Adrian Rose and Max Romano in their shorts, making out on the bed. Soon, the two are pawing at each other's bulges before they peel away their shorts just enough to reveal their cocks.

Adrian enthusiastically explores Max's hairy chest, licking and kissing Max's nipples. The two remove their shorts completely, then Max takes control, rising to his knees and helping himself to Adrian's impressive, uncut dick.

Max and Adrian swap places, with Max laying on his back as Adrian deep-throats Max's fat cock. If you've watched Adrian's other scenes, you'll know that Adrian loves to give deep, sloppy blowjobs, and this is no exception. Adrian takes Max's cock deep until he's literally gagging, which only encourages his to go harder.

The two swap places once more, then Max gets on all-fours on the edge of the bed, giving Adrian access to his ass. Adrian quickly gets to work spitting on and tongue-fucking Max's hole, getting it ready to accommodate his dick.

Adrian stands and we watch from underneath as Adrian slides his cock into Max's hungry hole. Soon, Adrian is up to speed, slamming his dick deep into Max's ass as Max moans. Adrian reaches forward and grabs Max's shoulders for leverage.

Adrian gets creative and lifts his left leg on to the bed, giving the camera an even better view as he relentlessly pounds deeper into Max's ass. Max reaches back and grabs Adrian's leg, bracing himself as Adrian watches his cock disappear into Max's ass.

Adrian lays down on the bed, then Max climbs aboard, lowering himself onto Adrian's dick at ChaosMen and riding in a modified reverse cowboy position. Adrian takes over, thrusting his hips upwards into Max's hole before the two find a rhythm.

Max lays on his back on the bed as Adrian plunges back in. The two peer deeply into each other's eyes as Adrian plows Max's ass. They pause for a kiss, and we watch from behind as the action continues.

Feeling himself approaching climax, Max begins to stroke his cock as Adrian continues to fuck him. Max announces that he's going to cum, which is clear because he's already been leaking a steady stream of precum that has saturated his pubes. Suddenly, Max fires off a HUGE load that shoots clear over his head, across the bed and onto the floor.

Adrian pulls out and adds his load to the mix, making an enormous mess across Max's hairy stomach and chest that Max gleefully rubs in to his fur. Absolutely spent, Adrian falls forward and the two share a kiss.


ChaosMen | Adrian Rose and Max Romano