Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)

09/17/2021 Convo
Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)
Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)
Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)

Jack Bailey is staying at his ‘Uncle' Dale Savage's apartment after a concert. As Jack's dad best friend, Dale has always been in his life and has seen him grow up. Now that he is over 18, Dale is attracted to Jack and wants to get him into bed. To do so, he removes the blankets from the guest room and turns the heat down so it's cold.

Jack goes into Dale's room to ask for an extra blanket and Dale tells Jack he doesn't but offers for Jack to get into his bed. Jack does and the situation escalates to hot sex. When they wake up the next morning, Dale is cold and tells Jack he doesn't want anything else from him and Jack is devastated.

Dale is making the bed in the guest room. He removes two blankets from the bed, only leaving a top sheet. Dale hums as he removes two heavy blankets from the bed and flattens the flat sheet down so it looks nice. He takes the blankets in his arms and carries them out of the room.

Jack arrives at Dale's apartment after attending a concert around the corner. Dale walks Jack into the living room. As they're walking, Dale asks Jack how the concert was and Jack gushes about how awesome the band was and what a great time he had.

Dale gets Jack settled in the guest bedroom at Disruptive Films and tells him that he upgraded the place since the last time he stayed there. Jack tells him that it looks great, takes his backpack off, and sits down on the edge of the bed.

Dale tells Jack to let him know if he needs anything and Jack tells him that he's sure he'll be fine. Dale leans down to give Jack a lingering hug. When Dale stands up, we catch a pleased grin on Jack's face. There's an attraction between them. Dale says ‘Good night, Tobs,' before exiting the room.

Dale goes to the thermostat and he turns the air down to 69 before biting his lower lip in contemplation, pausing for a beat, and cranking it down to 62. He mutters to himself, ‘That should do it.' He looks toward his room but decides to check in on Jack one more time.

Dale checks in on Jack and finds him in his briefs, getting ready for bed. Dale enters the room, sees Jack in just his briefs, putting lotion on his hands. Jack is taken aback by Dale entering the room and seeing him in his underwear and Dale says ‘Oof, sorry. I didn't mean to barge in here.' He doesn't even try to hide how he's admiring Jack's body.

Jack notices that Dale is checking him out and he licks a knowing grin off his lips. ‘It's okay, what's up?' Dale tells Jack that he was serious about it. If he needs anything he just needs to let Dale know. Dale gives Jack another prolonged hug before exiting the room. Jack smiles after Dale leaves.

Jack is in just his briefs tossing and turning in his bed, trying to wrap himself up in the top sheet as much as possible. He's freezing! He gets out of bed to put on his hoodie before climbing back into bed. No matter how much he tries to cover himself, he can't get warm. He looks at his jeans for a moment, murmuring, ‘I'm not going to bed in jeans.' With a sigh, he gets out of bed again and exits the room.

Jack enters Dale's bedroom to ask for a heavier blanket. Dale says he doesn't have one and tells Jack that he can join him in bed. Jack is so cold that he decides to do so. Jack climbs into the bed. Once in bed, Jack is under the covers, he's still shivering cold.

Dale offers to warm him up. As he rubs Jack's thighs, he notices Jack has a hard on. He assures him that it's very normal to get excited when someone touches him. Dale asks if anyone has ever touched Jack like that before and if he wants him to touch him more. Jack does.

Dale takes the comforter off of himself and puts it behind Jack so the front of Jack's body is exposed but the back and side are covered by the comforter. Moving closer, Dale rubs Jack's thighs slower, licking his lips at the sight of Jack's hard on straining in his briefs. Jack looks down to see the bulge in Dale's boxer briefs. He's hard too.

Jack is tentative at first, but admits that he does like it and reaches over to rub Dale over his boxer briefs. After mutually rubbing one another for a few moments, Dale tells Jack to turn to the other side. He rubs Jack's ass over his underwear for a beat before asking Jack if he can rub against him.

Jack is reluctant. He continues with the train of thought that he's not sure and questions if it's weird. Dale tells him that they can take it slow or not do it at all, and Jack nods his head. He contemplates the situation for a moment before telling Dale that he can ‘rub against him a little… if he wants.'

Dale dry humps Jack in a spooning position. After the dry humping, Dale asks Jack if it's okay if he rubs his ass under the cloth. Jack says ‘Yes,' and Dale slips his hand under Jack's underwear. He does that for a few moments before he pulls off Jack's underwear. He rubs Jack's cheeks and asks if he can touch his hole. Jack says, ‘Yes,' and adds that he's never had anyone do that before. Dale licks his fingers and tells Jack that he'll be gentle.

Dale fingers Jack with increased fervor. It's an intense fingering for a nice stretch of time. The inching forward continues through rimming and a blowjob. After receiving a blowjob, Jack offers to suck Dale's dick and Dale happily accepts.

Dale is sweet, placing his hand on Jack's cheek tenderly. ‘Are you sure? Have you ever had sex? Even with a girl?'Jack shakes his head. ‘No. I haven't. But I want to. With you.' Dale smiles and puts Jack back on his side, facing away from him so he can fuck him in a spooning position. Dale is slow and tender in the first position and starts fucking.


Disruptive Films | A Virgin No More (Dale Savage & Jack Bailey)