Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)

02/11/2020 Convo
Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)
Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)
Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)

When you're in the bedroom with sexy young things like Rocky Tate and Cort Cameron, it's almost makes you dizzy thinking of all the things that could happen. After all, these guys are both in their prime, sexy as hell, laid back, and open-minded. Very few inexperienced guys are just down for whatever in the way the Cort and Rocky are.

Now, Cort I've known for a while, and I can't get enough of him. Rocky, on the other hand, I had just met. Saying I was impressed with Rocky would be an understatement. Off camera he's a quiet guy – extremely friendly but a little introverted.

However, once there is any kind of sex going on and camera rolling, it's as if he were born to be filmed. Also, in spite of his deeply masculine manner, he doesn't have a hang up about taking the submissive role. Cort, on the other hand, has always been happy getting fucked, but he also is a rocking top, as he proves in this scene.

We warmed up with some hot blowjobs and moved to some ass eating. Well, I moved to some ass eating, at least! While these two were trading knob jobs, I was busy munching on two of the hottest asses you can find on the Internet.

It was funny, because while Cort seems to love getting rimmed, Rocky finds it ticklish. So I had to dispense with the light tonguing and go right in there deep. I could have just nutted at this point and called it a day, but I knew there was so much more to come!

Not having fucked Rocky before, I was eager to get my dick inside of him. It felt great, and what was even hotter was when he and Cort started making out while I was fucking him. Even though my immediate attention was on Rocky's hole, Cort stayed in on the action, and I even rimmed him while I was fucking Rocky. After that, it was Cort's turn to get fucked, and Cort was more than happy to sit on Rocky's uncut cock and ride away. Cort sucked me off, too, while he was bouncing up and down.

After Cort's showing off what a great power bottom he is, Rocky and I took turns with his ass, spit-roasting this hot teen and taking turns using his mouth and hole. Then we changed it up again, this time with Rocky getting spit-roasted – Cort fucked him good while he worked my cock with his mouth.

I have to admit I was a little jealous that Cort was having so much fun with Rocky's hole at Raunchy Bastards, so he and I traded places with Rocky alternatively riding my dick and getting it from behind from Cort. As Cort and I fucked him, Rocky and I made out. He's a great kissed, especially when he's getting pounded out.

At this point there had been a lot of fucking, and I was ready to see some jizz. Cort and Rocky got on their sides and Cort slam fucked Rocky until he bred him good, and after Cort was finished with him Rocky creampied Cort's cum out of his hole. I licked off the cum dripping out of Rocky's hole, and made sure to get the little that was left inside. Felching Cort's cum out of Rocky's ass was so fucking intense! But I wasn't finished with all of that teenage jizz just yet. I snowballed Cort's entire load into Rocky's mouth.

I then proceeded to breed Cort while Rocky jerked off watching us. I felched Cort, too, and snowballed the cum into his own mouth. It was so awesome being with two guys who are so down for the nastiest cum action! Rocky had gotten hot and bothered watching me fuck Cort, and he was ready to burst. He came – gallons, it seemed like – into Cort's mouth and also all over his face and my chest.

I couldn't believe the amount of jizz Rocky had! In spite of his protestations of being inexperienced, he surely enjoyed all of the fucking. Cort licked Rocky's leftover cum from my chest, and then I swiped up any of his cum that was left onto my hand and Rocky licked it off, then we kissed. The guys were all smiles when we were done, as was I. I'm pretty sure neither of them had had an experience quite like it, either.


Raunchy Bastards | Sexy Young Things (Rocky Tate & Cort Cameron)