SexFlexible is dedicated to delivering the best in male-oriented adult entertainment

You could say that perhaps we're one of the few porn blogs where gay-for-pay is a dirty concept. At SexFlexible, you will easily see that gay-for-pay is a marginal niche, not the norm. That's because we seek to feature good sex, hot sex, entertaining sex — in all forms. We don't want to present the status quo as of late: rigid, mechanical, lifeless, boring sex. There's plenty of other places people can find that, so why should we post it all here?

SexFlexible is for the heteroflexible, bisexual, homoflexible, and everyone in-between

You'll find a little bit of everything here – adult entertainment ranging from homo to bi to trans* to hetero (granted, the majority will be homo and bi). We are a male-oriented blog and we recognize that hot guys come in all forms. We want to see men in every possible setting, doing their thing. What we don't want is to feature guys who obviously wish they were somewhere else. Those kinds of guys have rigid, suffocating limits that make everyone involved uncomfortable — plus, it makes for really bad porn. (Seriously, suck some dick already. You're in gay porn. If you think sucking dick somehow makes you less of a man, you're in the wrong industry.)

We will also do our best to strip away the inane pretext that many studios add to their movies. You know, “straight guy tries gay sex” or “straight guy's first time” or yadda yadda yadda. Look, we think all guys are hot: straight, bi, gay, whatever. What we don't appreciate is using someone's supposed heterosexuality as a marketing ploy. It's unnecessary and insulting. We intend to present hot content without any of that bullshit. Heterosexuality isn't any more valuable or attractive than any other sexual identity. Besides, if we want to watch a straight guy, we'll watch him in straight porn. And, trust us, we do watch it…and post it!

We're not here to debate the sexuality of any talent. We don't care. That's the point. We should be able to simply enjoy hot guys having hot sex and leave it at that, without the ridiculous pretense. We realize this approach will limit some of the sites and content we can feature, but so be it. We believe it will be worth it in the long run. Not only is the trend moving away from gay-for-pay, but attitudes are changing. This will be a slow process and some might slip through the cracks here but it is definitely our intention to focus on hot guys (in all sizes, colors, shapes, and forms) having hot sex.

SexFlexible isn't only about porn

You might be able to sit around and edge all day, but we can't. Ok, that's not true. We can — but we feel better about ourselves if we mix it up a little bit. So, in-between some of the porn will be information of interest. That way, you can claim to read SexFlexible for the articles.