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  • David is really enjoying sowing his wild oats!

    • Joe

      Happy new year Darkhog – hope it’s a good one
      I was delighted when I saw an other David update on SC. I asked you what you thought about the models preferences but I think this video shows clearly that he likes the guy sex. I’m sore I’ve watched it so much

      • Happy New Year to you too, Joe and I wish the same for you to have an Awesome year.
        Yeah, I think David really enjoys each guy he comes in contact with as he gets so excited when he’s having sex with them that it’s gets too heated to watch without wanting to participate in his excitement.

        • Joe

          It sure does .. I’m drained. I do wonder if this model will do any other stuff after SC? He must be close to finishing with them. There is nothing on line about this guy which is s good thing I guess but I find him so intreging – and he ain’t really my type but a hot guy.

          • I surely hope he continues in the porn biz, I’m more about men with passion than looks, that’s what bring out the real man and not just a pretty boy fucker. I got this strange feeling that he will follow down the path of Jarec, running full of passion.

          • Joe

            Good call ! As long as he steers clear of Men. Com – chaos men would be good for him or guys in sweatpants! ” David” & cooper reed would cave me in completly. colt rivers is now at GISP .

          • Good call on that one, David has a zest for better. He has the passion the zeal and pornability!

          • Joe

            You’re right there buddy. Going on BTS clips he has a great personality which always will come thru even on a porn set. The other models have spoken highly of him and even in the clip with Graham once all the nasty stuff was over – he was sweet
            Ok enough David Drooling.
            Have a great Saturday buddy

          • You too Buddy!!!