Master/Slave Dynamics | From “Cash Fags” To “Plantation Retreats”

11/04/2013 1 Comment

The sexualized master/slave relationship is nothing new and it's hard to consider it edgy at this point; however, there are some fringe manifestations that continue to shock and surprise.

We were well-aware of gays that get off on being called “faggot” by a “cash master” or a “straight alpha” and gladly give them money, gifts, etc in exchange for being verbally or physically abused. Sometimes there is a sexual element to the relationship; sometimes the sexual element is implied but is never consummated. Often times, the act is used like a carrot on a stick to continue leading the “faggot” on and keep his wallet open.

If this is what gets people off and they find other willing adults to consent and engage in this with them, so be it. We could talk til we're blue in the face about how the gay one is “self-hating” and how the straight one is “far from straight” for participating in these behaviors. Not only would our judgments say more about us than those we are judging, but also it would not change a damn thing. There will continue to be “cash fags” and they will pay their “fag tax” to their master on time. The world keeps on spinning.

While we were aware of this master/slave dynamic, there is one of which we were previously unaware: “Plantation Retreats,” where race-play is on the table and being served. Hearing about Paula Deen's “plantation wedding” was jarring enough and it didn't actually happen. Plantation Retreats are happening and through them black slaves are willfully serving white masters. Just when you think you can't be shocked or surprised.

We highly suggest you take a look at these two articles (and the comments). They are eye-opening and will aware you about something you likely had no idea existed.

Playing with Sex, Power, and Race: Did You Know That There Are “Plantation Retreats” Where Black People Go to Serve Their White “Masters?”:

Playing With Race:


What's your take on the master/slave dynamics and how it plays out with regard to sexual orientation (cash fag/straight master) or race-play?