Breaking Bad/Malcolm In The Middle Pays Homage To Newhart

11/17/2013 1 Comment

Just as the last death rattles from ‚”Breaking Bad‚” begin to settle here comes another possible way the show could have ended. Instead of (Spoiler Alert, and really if you haven't watched the show then why would you click on this post. Yes, I just chastised you, but sometimes things needs to be said. Now back to our article.) Walter White ended the show with a remote controlled machine gun and a final trip to the lab. His death set to Badfinger's ‚”Baby Blue‚”, and gazing upon his favorite things was almost universally praised. This ending however proposes a far more radical reveal.

Before we check out the reveal here is the famous ‚”Newhart‚” ending this video draws from.

The genius idea that ‚”Newhart‚” was all the dream of his character on ‚”The Bob Newhart Show‚” is where this clip draws from. Imagine that Walter White was just a dream of Hal from ‚”Malcolm in the Middle‚”. Everything that went down was just Hal's active brain looking for adventure outside of his bland suburban home. A return to that classic Fox show means a great appearance by Jane Kaczmarek, Hal's wife on the show. Check out the below clip and see if you wish that Vince Gilligan had gone in this direction instead of Badfinger's ‚”Baby Blue‚”.

(source: The ‘Breaking Bad' Alternative ‘Newhart' Inspired Ending)