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10/08/2013 1 Comment

Ken Cuccinelli Loses Bid to Re-Ban Sodomy

From, by Amanda Marcotte

Perverts rejoice! And by “perverts,” I mean pretty much all of you, at least according to national statistics. Ken Cuccinelli lost the final round in his attempts to get the state of Virginia to ban all the oral and anal sex you've been having. As attorney general of Virginia, Cuccinelli‚Äînow the Republican nominee for governor in the state‚Äîtried to reinstate a law banning oral and anal sex, even though such laws were found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003. On Monday, the Supreme Court politely denied his petition to hear a case to reinstate the law. They did not tell him where he could shove his request, but no matter what orifice he chooses, it remains legal in the state of Virginia.